Although the Kennel Scooterbrook name was not approved until April 2006, I got my first working cocker and began training (or should I say) began being trained by him in 2000.

It had actually all started in 1999 when I was at a villmarks messe (game fair) in the Sjølyst messe hall near the center of Oslo. I had been breeding dachshund for many years, used for deer hunting. However, I also enjoyed a fair amount of water fowl shooting and was, quite honestly, tired of going out into the cold water to retrieve them myself or having to drag my boat into the water and row out to pick them up. So I began to think about a combination dog that I could use for more than one task.

Now back to the game fair and the cocker story. It just so happens that it was one of the most fortunate days of my life because as I turned a corner, standing there before me, was what I considered the most beautiful dog I had ever seen. He was a blue roan working cocker named Jeep. I talked to the owner, Anniken Aagård, and asked about a hundred (what I consider today to have been really dumb) questions. Maybe I should be kind to myself and just say naive questions. At any rate, it was only a few weeks until I WAS OWNED by my first working cocker. My love affair with the breed has only grown over the past nine years. My cockers and I have competed in many, many field trials and we have had our fair share of good fortune. We have also had a large share of misfortune. Many tips of the hat and "Thanks for the day sir", "Now you can leash your dog". But no regrets. None of my dogs ever got a zero for doing too little. It was, and hopefully always will be, for doing too much. I can live with that.

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